The Minor Arcana: The Creativity of the Wands


The wands are one of my two favorite suits. They’re full of activity, adventure, and are representative of growth. These guys are all about movement – so it’s no surprise the element associated with them is fire. When a wand or wands show up in a reading, it denotes thought, ambition, and the beginning of something. These cards also signify the more spiritual aspects of a person – intuition and energy. With that little overview, let’s get into some more details…


ace_wandsAs is characteristic of all Aces, the Ace of Wands is connotative of an opportunity. It gives the individual the go-ahead to pursue something in all of its wandly glory (passion, creativity, ambition, optimism), particularly in the area of work. But be careful, it’s like an infomercial; you must act quickly because it’s a limited time offer.


This card is about cohesion of a well-thought out concept and the energy needed to achieve it. The Two of Wands is a sort of honing of one’s skills – storing your energy while you prepare a great plan.


three_wandsThe Three of Wands is similar to meditating. The individual is not acting outwardly, rather reflecting and waiting patiently to fully realize his/her goal in an endeavor. It is about being receptive to your own thoughts and ideas and listening carefully. Notice the imagery in the card – the man featured appears to be waiting calmly, effortlessly, for something on the horizon.


four_wandsThis is the third and final act to the Two and Three of Wands. The Four is the fruition of the plan that has been envisioned and meditated upon. A hardworking group has paid their dues and can now celebrate.


five_wandsWell, the happiness was fun while it lasted. The Five of Wands clearly depicts rivalry or strife. However, which it is can really determine the mood of a situation and this card doesn’t emphasize which. Rivalry can be healthy and motivational, while strife can be UNhealthy and quite discouraging. At its core though, the Five shows discord which can be dangerous in its destructive nature.


six_wandsThis is similar to the Four of Wands, but it is only the extolling of an individual rather than a group. Think graduation, winning a race, getting a promotion, etc.


In the Seven of Wands, a boy is shown to be protecting something fiercely. This card is about playing defense, though sometimes it doesn’t really seem like “playing.” In this scenario defensiveness can bring negative anxiety or positive excitement.


eight_wandsThe Eight of Wands can be thought of as a big ol’ bump in the road. You can be speeding along the highway with no trouble as far as you can see when all of a sudden the Eight comes out of nowhere. It depicts extremely fast-moving events, but that’s about all. There is a kind of lack of control with this card, the only thing that is for sure is speed of occurrence.


nine_wandsThis card is noble and humbling at the same time. It shows that the individual has been through many trials but come out alive and is a better person for it. There is also a strong possibility that the man featured in the image is bracing himself for another challenge. Think, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”



ten_wandsA big burden. That sums up the Ten of Wands – it is not evident what kind of burden this is or what the individual should do about it, only that it is very real and very staggering.


A very happy, inspired fellow indeed. The Page of Wands has realized what fuels his passion in life. But this energy is very raw and developmental so the full effect is NOT realized just yet. He’s putting a toe in, testing the waters, but soon he will have to jump right in and find out what is in store.


knight_wandsThe Knight is all about strength of will. He is bold, he is brash, and his fiery intensity may greatly help or greatly hinder the individual. At this point, there is no thinking, only doing.


queen_wandsShe is a powerful influence who wants to assist by means of willpower and inspiration. She is subtler than the Knight, but in this manner more persuasive. As with the Queen of Swords, the individual must be careful when regarding her motivations because her assistance also serves her own desires.


The opposition to the King of Swords, the Kind of Wands is very receptive to ideas and passion. But similar to the Swords, he does not favor high emotion. To influence such an important figure, the individual should integrate his wants and passions with his/her own so he knows what he will be getting out of the deal.

There you have the Wands in a nutshell! If you find yourself growing rather fond of the Tarot at this point (I say who wouldn’t, but I’m also incredibly biased), you may want to check out Aeclectic Tarot. They have everything from discussion forums to HUNDREDS of decks to peruse and I’ve spent more time on there than I’d like to admit… Additionally, if you’re looking for something with a more personal touch, Samhain Moon has wonderful reviews of decks and readings conducted by its multi-talented author Monica Laura. Happy Tarot’ing everyone, ’til next time!


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