The Minor Arcana: The Materialism of the Pentacles

The Tarot of the Magical Forest deck.
The Tarot of the Magical Forest deck.

In my humble opinion, the pentacles are one of the duller suits since they center around the more tangible aspects of life: business, money, property, and other material items. But, boring though they may be to me, they do obviously represent a very vital part of our world. The element associated with the pentacles is earth.



Per usual, the Ace is a great opportunity, but of course in the realm of material possessions or business-related endeavors. (Other terms which correlate to this card include security, abundance, and health.)

                                                  TWO OF PENTACLES


This card is about taking all of the craziness and responsibilities in our lives and balancing them effortlessly. It does not so much emphasize the quantity of things we get done but rather the quality.



The Three of Pentacles represents the physical partial completion of a task at hand. It is still in its infancy but the individual is beginning to see progression. In this stage, there is a long way to go, but it is also good in that there is plenty of time for necessary adjustments.

                                                           FOUR OF PENTACLES


The Four is all about gathering and conserving power. While it is easy to see this in derogative terms, this card is not so. Think more along the lines of saving money or steadily working towards a promotion.



The Five of Pentacles is bleak looking for sure. It shows the individual in physical need of something, whether it be monetary, bodily, etc. However, this card also usually means that that help is coming soon, if the person is only willing to be aware and not too proud to accept it when it is offered.

                                                                                                             SIX OF PENTACLES 


There is a steady stream of material energy flowing in this card. It is a combination of giving and receiving – the identities of who is behind this two-way exchange is not always clear.



The Seven is sort of like a checkpoint to the Three of Pentacles. It is taking a step back and assessing the results of our efforts so far. It is about the individual taking evaluation and determining what to do next.

                                               EIGHT OF PENTACLES


The topper to the Seven, this card is about paying attention to the minutia of a task. Making sure the details are technically sound and as best as they can be. This guy is the perfectionist.



This is the culmination and achievement of a job well done. The individual can rest and look back at their work with a sense of fulfillment because they know they have put their all into it. With this card, there is no need for an outside source of praise because its quality was proven to oneself.

                                                            TEN OF PENTACLES 


All of the individual’s efforts come to a head. There is a sense of not only accomplishment, but also security and a deeper sense of self and connection to one’s relationship with everything around them.



The Page is a newbie who is looking at a financial venture or material item with hungry eyes. They see a great deal more potential in this thing than perhaps a layman because they are so inexperienced. It is up in the air as to whether or not their vision will come to fruition.

                                                       KNIGHT OF PENTACLES 


This Knight is a bit different from the rest, because he does not run full-force towards his goal. He understands that the realm of the Pentacles is one that requires good timing. He possesses excellent patience and is quite invaluable when taking part in a long-term project.



This Queen is all about the details. She gets things done steadily and in her own way, but the result is always exceptional. She ensures that everything will be used to its greatest potential.

                                                           KING OF PENTACLES


Like other Kings, this one is about practicality. He holds material items in high esteem and top-notch quality, and focuses on getting things done in an efficient manner.

There are some great videos on YouTube that offer multiple clever and creative ways to remember the cards and their meanings. One of my favorites can be viewed here, split into Part I and Part II. Whichever method works best for you – reading about the  Tarot or watching it be explained – there are so many resources available to the novice tarotist, so go explore them!




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